Increased SPAM Activity calls for increased Security Measures

Normally Host NIT Inc does not monitor or restrict SMTP traffic, however, we've had too many incidents recently that ended up causing an entire /18 block to be blacklisted.  All this took was 15 users claiming to be different persons. Our response first and foremost to those affected, please give it some time and we'll have it off ... Read More »

12th May 2017
IPV4 Depletion. Can you use IPv6?

This notification was "mass emailed" to all active clients today. We're reposting it here then tweeting it on Social Media because we need as many clients as possible to cooperate so we can maintain all pricing structure and conserve IPv4 Usage. The notification is below:     As everyone may now IPv4 is at its final stage of depletion.  So ... Read More »

3rd Jun 2015
PBX "Follow ME" function incorrectly

It appears we're having another issue with our PBX system. The issue is whenever a call is made into our office and a rep. answers the hone the call is always routed to that rep. This should be a very simple fix. We've notified our provider and we're waiting for a resolution. We do not have a time frame for resolution as it is not up to us to ... Read More »

3rd Jun 2015
IPV4 Shortage

We've completed our renumbering for all clients. As everyone may now know we're also only providing up to 4 IPV4 per Dedicated Order - 3 is the standard, an extra one will be provided if requested. Customers that do not IPV4 are required to contact us or at least let us know when we contact you that you do not need IPV4 and could use IPV6 ... Read More »

3rd Jun 2015
Planned Maint. + PBX Phone Issues

Due to a recent change in our PBX system we're currently experiencing some issues with calls being routed. We're aware of this issue and working as fast as we can to resolve it. If you need immediate support you can always reach us by email at We expect this issue to be resolved within 8 hrs. All outbound calls are being ... Read More »

19th May 2015
Reseller 40 Resolution

This is an update for all clients on the "reseller 40" server.   Due to the recent HDD failure in this server we've had to restore this server onto two separate machines. The first server was for clients who choose to have their data restored and the second was for clients who wanted to restore their data themselves. These servers are called ... Read More »

15th May 2015
Important - Security Vulnerabilities Discovered in Popular Scripts

Important - Security Vulnerabilities Discovered in Popular Scripts We’re always looking out for ways to better your experience with us on the service and security front. We’d like to draw your attention to new security vulnerabilities identified in two popular scripts - WordPress & Magneto. Please note that these issues are script-based ... Read More »

6th May 2015
"PwrVPS" Server Cluster{Sitation resolved_2nd time as well}

We are aware of the issue and we are working on it as we speak. There is no need for a support ticket @ this time. Status updates will be posted here. Update 1: There is a possibility of a HDD failure, we're checking where the failure is and attempting to fix the issue. We will update you when we have news. Please Note: This process might ... Read More »

24th Feb 2014
Network Maintenance Ending Now

We just wanted to inform you that our Network Maintenance is going to end as of now. We had to do most of the work during the day (peak hours) instead off off peak hours. We will continue the remaining work another night. We will, of course, advise everyone in advance via the "Announcements" section in your Client Area.  If I handle the work, ... Read More »

12th Jan 2014
Network Maint. 1.11.14

Throughout the day we will be working on several trrunk lines.

We hope for no interferance of service. The majhority of the work will be performed at off peak hours.

Notification posted: 1.10.14

Thank You.
J. Q
Datacenter Tech.

11th Jan 2014