Due to a recent change in our PBX system we're currently experiencing some issues with calls being routed. We're aware of this issue and working as fast as we can to resolve it. If you need immediate support you can always reach us by email at support@hostnit.com. We expect this issue to be resolved within 8 hrs. All outbound calls are being monitored for errors as well.


Resellers : We've been receiving email complaints from your clients about "reseller 40" being down. Due to privacy issues the names of customers that contact us cannot be revealed. We're asking for resellers to please contact your clients to ensure they are receiving adequate support.  It's also important to understand that the backup agent is currently not running on "reseller 40" and reseller 41" thus it's important to keep an updated backup of all files.


We always encourage customers to keep a backup of their data locally - we understand this is not ideal however a server is just a computer running 24/7 , a server does have Enterprise hardware but any HDDS can fail at any given moment. Files can get corrupted and anything can happen This is why we always suggest to keep backups of your data regularly.  Specific quwations relating to this topic can be answered through our ticketing system.


Please Note: We will have scheduled maintenance tonight from 12 AM to 4 AM EST. This is a routine inspection of cables and wringing in our data center. We will replace any "old wiring" and any cables that appears to be damaged.   The maintenance will last for 4 hour but no single server will be affected for more than 5 minutes.  If any server is expected to be down for more than 5 minutes{not counting boot time} we will send out a notification via email advising you on the status of your server. Please note: This maintenance was already done for  the in house servers. Meaning all shared and reseller customers will not be affected. This is more for Dedicated and collocated customers.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

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