This notification was "mass emailed" to all active clients today. We're reposting it here then tweeting it on Social Media because we need as many clients as possible to cooperate so we can maintain all pricing structure and conserve IPv4 Usage. The notification is below:



As everyone may now IPv4 is at its final stage of depletion.  So we're asking all clients that has a dedicated IP address or Servers/VPS to simply hit "reply" and let us know if you do not need to use the IPv4 address you are given. In other words if you can use IPv6 for whatever your projects are please do let us know. Host NIT is emailing all clients due to this IPv4 shortage/depletion and trying to reacquire all un-used IPv4. We're aware that some projects/tasks needs IPv4 so those are the customers we're holding IPv4 for.  The standard justification form will be updated in a few days.


We would really appreciate your cooperation ion this matter.


We also made an announcement on our "Announcements" section @:


Obviously you cannot reply to the announcement, however, you can contact us via our ticketing system {email} and let us know if you have not done so already.

Host NIT appreciates your cooperation on this matter.


Thank you,


Host NIT Net Ops

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

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