Normally Host NIT Inc does not monitor or restrict SMTP traffic, however, we've had too many incidents recently that ended up causing an entire /18 block to be blacklisted.  All this took was 15 users claiming to be different persons.

Our response first and foremost to those affected, please give it some time and we'll have it off spamhus.(approx ETA: 1-2 biz days) Second - providers such as AOL, Gmail, etc will require more than getting delisted from spamhus. We are familiar with the protocol and we're working as hard as we can to ensure that everything on this range resumes normal functionality including communicating directly with those providers to prove the isolated event. An approximate ETA for this cannot be given at this time.

Increased Security Measures

We are monitoring all new  client SMTP activity. If anything is found Host NIT reserves the right to terminate any all accounts this particular client may have. Other than the above statement we are not prepared to publically announce all other methods that will be implemented.

Email Verification

We've sent out several other alerts advising users to please confirm their email address.  Unfortunately this will include clients that have been with us for years as well.

It is essential to keep this information up to date without revealing to much we're also implementing several email algorithms to assist with not only SPAM but Fraudulent activity.

At Host NIT Inc. we'd like to pride ourselves in offering quality service for an affordable price. All of Host NIT Inc staff believes in that slogan. It's not just a slogan to them so we will also be conducting reviews of all clients within a 3 month period as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this notification.

Please Note: Our TOS/AUP will also be emailed out as well.



Rishi Padooman
Host NIT Inc


Friday, May 12, 2017

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