srv1 and pwr shared server maint

Those two servers will be take offline for about 5-10 mins for maint.

18th Dec 2013
Routine Maint. on 12/6

We were doing some routine maintenance  on the 6th and this lead to us finding out that a server on our network was under a DDOS attack. This server did not have any DDOS protection from us, so we null routed the IP that was under attack. This affected everyone's speed for about 3 hours. Rest assured everything is resolved and back to ... Read More »

7th Dec 2013
Fixed All Promotion Codes

We checked all Coupon Codes and they are working now.

28th Nov 2013
Fixed Promotion Code for Dedicated Server Clearance

Issue with Code Fixed. Everyone can use it now.

28th Nov 2013
Happy ThanksGiving!

We just wanted to wih you all a happy thanks giving.

28th Nov 2013
Grammar and Spelling Errors

We have noticed a few errors on the homepage; we will have  QA team go through the entire website in the net few days.

26th Nov 2013
Fixed Promotion Code for Shared Hosting

We've fixed the issur with the shared hosting promotion. It now works just fine.

26th Nov 2013

We have recently added a new series of serverws for high traffic websites plus they are already built and tested! That means no waiting period!! The only wait you'll have is the wait for the OS installs. Enjoy!


Rishi Padooman

CEO and Founder

Host NIT Inc

30th Jul 2013
Instant Dedicated Servers Coming Soon

 Ever since we launched our dedicated server ales we have numerous servers and filled up countless racks. The next step or process in this is launching our "Instant Dedicated Server Series". As you may know, all dedicated companies takes up to 72 hours to launch a server. With the new series that we are going to launch your server would be ... Read More »

26th Jul 2013
Business Class Hosting Now Being Offered

Host N.I.T has been hosting businesses from all sizes for a long time. We've been paying attention to what our customers have been asking for and we are now delivering it! You get a free dedicated IP address and a FREE SSL certificate with every plan except the introductory plan.   Article Written by: Rishi Padooman Founder and CEO Host ... Read More »

25th Jul 2013