Shoutcast Hosting, FFMPEG Hosting, and Proxy Hosting will no longer be offered

This is for new customers only. If you have an existing account under these plans we will honor them, however we plan to discontinue offering all of these services at a date not far from now.

25th Jun 2013
Host NIT Summer Sale Coming Soon

We will soon have new promo codes for the summer, and we'll publically begin to offer co-location for those interested in that service.
We have also been getting a lot of requests for SSL products so we'll make that public as well.

Rishi P
President and CEO


5th Jun 2013
Toll Free Number is only used for Sales

As of 6/4 Host NIT is using more of the staff personel to email and live support - for tech support, sales and billing.

We will keep the Toll free number active but it i only to be used for Sales.

Any questions/comments or concerns please contact our sales department at

4th Jun 2013