Unmetered Bandwidth Explained

Unmetered?? What does it mean?

Unmetered simply means that we will not cut you off at any point, and if you are running the proper port speed then you will not see an overage.  Now if you go and buy a 10Mbps unmetered BW package, and run a 100Mbps port, of course you’re going to have an overage running full steam all month.  We do not offer any sort of capping, and we do not waive BW overages because you thought otherwise. Host NIT Inc. will not trick you into getting the wrong port speed so that overages will occur, we will match everything up accordingly,.

Why did I just get a Suspension Notification if I have Un-Metered Bandwidth??

If you have Un-Metered Bandwidth, we will not monitor the port for the amount of Bandwidth used. This means you can use 40 TB of B.W on a Gigabit port and we will not charge you an overage. Suspension/Termination of your server can and will happen if you ABUSE the network you're assigned to, not following the TOS or AUP. (TERMS OF SERVICE OR ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY) The most common occurrence of this is Network Flooding.

PLEASE REVIEW THIS ARTICLE ON WHAT NETWORK FLOODING IS. http://hostnit.com/billing/knowledgebase/149/Definition-of-Network-Flood-on-an-UnMetered-Line.html

 Our most common promotion is A Gigabit port (1,000MBPWS) Un-metered Bandwidth. Please make sure all rules are read before signing up. If you intentionally FLOOD our Network, there will be a fine issued. We may not monitor the port for Bandwidth usage but we monitor it for everything else.

Question? Email our sales department @ sales{@}hostnit.com if you need further explanation. Or you can chat with our sales representatives Monday -F 10am to 7 P.M


Article Written by:
Rishi Padooman
President and Founder of Host NIT Inc


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