Legal and Acceptable Content

Below are commonly asked questions regarding acceptable content for websites hosted with Host NIT., Inc. More information can be found by reading our TOS and/or our AUP. This is just a summary.

Do you allow sites to advertise for money?


Can I use advertisement banners?


Do you allow adult sites?

Yes, as long as they are legal.

Examples of Unacceptable Material

The following material is unacceptable and not allowed for all websites hosted with Host NIT., Inc:

  • IRC
  • Pirated software (Warez)
  • Hacker focused sites, archives, programs
  • Bank debenture, trading programs, Forex

More details regarding unacceptable material can be found in our TOS and AUP. Please make sure to read both f those documents.

Shared and Reseller Accounts

The following is not acceptable on Host NIT., Inc shared servers:

  • Storing files - Our shared servers are not for storing or archiving data, files, videos, mp3s or anything else.
  • Media streaming -Websites created specifically for Streaming Media is forbidden as they generally cause a Network Flood..

Dedicated Servers

  • Mailing Lists -We do not allow Dedicated servers that acts as a stand alone mail server, sending out spam mail and not DMA compliant, etc. We have an article created just for this in our TOS Knowledgebase section.
  • Media streaming - Websites created specifically for Streaming Media is forbidden as they generally cause a Network Flood..

This is just a summary and does not include everything, please refer to our TOS and AUP for more detailed information.

Written by:

Rishi Padooman
President and Founder of Host NIT Inc.

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