What is Included with Un-Managed VPS?

All VPS served under "UnManaged" service level will include management of below services ONLY:

➔ Initial Setup (Base OS Installation)
➔ Troubleshooting Host Server Network Issues
➔ Host Server Hardware Issue
Any other configuration, setup and day to day management issues should be handled directly by customer and it is not covered under "UnManaged" service level. In case you would like us to look into such kind of server issues (not mentioned above), this will be charged at $20.00/hr.

To make it clear, any issue that is not mentioned above and that it requires us to login to customer's server will be charged under custom support. Any application level issues will be separately quoted based upon the task type.

All third party software specific support is to be obtained directly from the relevant software vendor by VPS customer.

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Rishi Padooman

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