Mailing Lists Servers and Accounts

Servers that are used exclusively for mailing lists are strictly Forbidden. Host NIT Inc. does not allow mailing list servers/shared/reseller - basically any type of account or SERVER that is sending out SPAM Mail and violates any DCMA Regulations.


The exception would be "opt in" mailing list{Dedicated Servers Only}


All mailing lists must use only a confirmed opt-in process for adding subscribers. All subscription based lists must have unsubscribe procedures that are simple to locate and complete.

Repeated offenses with the same Mail Headers and same content is cause for an immediate Termination of your Server.

A "repeat" offense is when we have informed you of an abusive content, you{client} respond stating it has been resolved and then the issue reoccurs. The same generating IP, the same mail headers and any other identifying information that has bee reported to us.


Please Note: If you{client} claims that you are running a "opt in" mailing list, as described above, and we still receive complaints from ISPs,{etc} you{client} will be asked to prove that the subscribers have actually opted in to your list and you{client} have not added them manually. If this cannot be proven to our satisfaction, your server will be removed in Violation of our TOS/AUP.


Please Note: Refunds are not issued to anyone that is found in violation of our TOS/AUP.


Useful Links:


Blacklisting an IP -




KnowledgeBase TOS Violations / Explanations -


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